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Sunday, July 8th 2012

8:04 PM

Illegal latino preteens


Related article: Date: Sun, 22 Mar 2009 12:49:53 -0500
From: Cieran Hughes
Subject: Cieran and Marcus, Part 4 We walked back to my dorm room quickly. As soon as my door was shut
and locked, Marcus put his hands around my waist, spun me around to face
him, backed me up against the door, and kissed me so intensely that I
almost came nn preteen modeling right then and there. His hands were everywhere - all over my
stomach, chest, neck, back, ass, thighs. He seemed intent on feeling every
part of me with his hands, while I rammed my tongue into every part of his
mouth legal preteen nudist preteen sex world
I could find. He began preteen 12 y.o.
to suck on my tongue as I worked his shirt up
and off of him, the whole time grinding our cocks together through our
jeans. He was so fucking hot. Slowly, we worked our way hottest preteen nonude
over to the bed, clothing flying off in
all directions. While making out furiously we each undid the other's belt
and pants, both of us groaning with pleasure. With both of us in our boxer
shorts, are huge, hard cocks tenting them, I decided it would be my turn to
feel every part of his body. Pushing him onto the bed, I gently forced him
to lie back as I kissed him - everywhere. I kissed his soft lips, slipping
my tongue into his hot, wet mouth, then moved over to his ear, kissing and
nibbling gently. Gradually I worked down his neck and his muscular chest to
his nipple. I kissed it, ran my tongue over it, and sucked on it as he
moaned with pleasure - it was a beautiful, intoxicating sound. "That feels amazing." "I can tell," I said with a smile. Eventually, once I had decided that his nipples had gotten anya preteen model enough
attention, I kissed my way down his tight abs until I reached the band of
his boxer shorts. I slipped the tips of my fingers under the elastic band
and slowly, with all the deliberate, teasing patience I could muster, slid
his boxer shorts off. It was the most beautiful cock I had ever seen, not
quite seven inches long, and thick. It was big, but not too big. It looked
like it would feel great plowing in and out of my ass. I gently massaged his thigh as I sucked his beautiful balls,
gradually kissing my way up his smooth shaft to the head. He ran his
fingers through my hair and over my shoulders, and, in a moment that I had
never dreamed would come true, I sank my mouth down onto his
cock. Breathing heavily, he moaned and groaned as I steadily took in more
and more of his cock, sucking gently. After I had taken as much of it in as
I could, I worked into a steady rhythm, bobbing up and down on his stiff
cock. "Oh, god, that feels so good. I'm close." I took my mouth off his cock, and quickly moved back up pre teens pissing to whisper
in his ear. "Well, I don't want you to come just yet. We're just getting
started." "Good, 'cause now its your turn." And with a gentle push, he had me on my back. Kissing me intensely,
our tongues wrapping around each other's. He felt his hands down my chest
and stomach to my boxers, rubbing my rock hard cock through the
fabric. Without letting up in his exploration of my mouth and lips, he
steadily slipped my boxers off. Then, almost before I knew it, my cock was
in his wet, warm mouth. "Oh, fuck!" I cried out. He worked up and down on my cock for a few
minutes, swirling his tongue naughty preteen
all over. "Stop," I said as I felt my orgasm quickly approaching. Had he
stopped any later I would have shot all over the place. "Fuck that felt amazing. That was your first time sucking cock?" "Yeah," he said with a sly smile forming on his lips. "I look
forward to doing it again." "Don't worry, you will." "Good." Marcus began to look a little nervous now. "Cieran, I've never done this before. I mean, what I think we're
about to do." Fuck, he was so cute. "Relax. Trust me. Besides, we're not quite there yet." With that, I flipped him over onto his back once again. I quickly
grabbed his legs, spread them apart, and pushed them up and back to reveal
his hole. Waisting no time, I dove in and starting tongue-fucking his tight
ass. He inhaled sharply, began moaning loudly and breathing very
heavily. He was writhing in pleasure as my tongue darted in and out of his
virgin ass. "Oh fuck... oh... fuck..." His hands were at the back of my head, guiding my tongue in and out
of his ass. "Oh my god! That... feels... so... fucking... good!" I was determined to keep going, to keep tonguing his hot, tight ass
until he begged for more. To my delight, he reached that point imageboard bbs preteen a little
sooner than expected. "Oh... fuck me! I want you to fuck me so bad." That was all I needed. Quickly grabbing a bottle of lube from my
dresser, I spread it into his ass with my finger, then lubed up my cock. "Just relax," I said. "And tell me if I should stop." Never looking anywhere but his eyes, I positioned my throbbing cock
at the entrance to his hole. He winced with pain as I slowly pushed in. He
was so fucking tight. Gradually I worked my hard cock deeper and deeper
into his virgin ass. Once I was in far enough, I began to pull out just as
slowly. After working my cock back and forth several times, his look faded
from a painful wince to a look of ecstasy, a look that begged, a look that
needed. I started to pick up the pace, driving my cock faster and deeper
into his ass. We both began moaning loudly. In hindsight, I was thankful
that most people hadn't yet returned from Christmas Break. They definitely
would have heard us. "Harder..." he begged. I picked up the pace, plowing into his tight ass faster and faster
as preteen model nonnude we both groaned, grunted and moaned loudly. I kept fucking him as he put
a hand on the back of my neck and pulled me down to his lips. It was the
most passionate and intense kiss I had ever experienced. Meanwhile his legs
were wrapped around me, seeming to pull me into him. I was getting close when I felt him tense up. The look on his face
was pure bliss. I loved knowing that I was doing this to him, knowing that
I was about to bring this god to orgasm. Then he came, shooting rope after
rope of hot, white cum all over his stomach. As his ass clamped down on my
hard cock, I couldn't take it any more. I shot my load into his tight
virgin ass and collapsed on top of him, panting and covered in sweat. We kissed passionately as my cock gradually softened inside of him,
the smell of fresh sweat and hot cum filling the room. Both of us were
completely exhausted. "Stay here tonight, naked preteen stars will you?" "I'd love to." I fell asleep that night in his arms, and he fell asleep in mine.
****************************** Well, that's how Marc and I got started; we've been together ever
since. On a personal note, thank you to all who've written to me about this
story. I've shared your young eurores preteens emails with Marc and we're both very happy that you
liked our story. Thanks!
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Saturday, July 7th 2012

12:00 AM

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